Lady Sonia - Ridden, Teased..

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Lady Sonia - Ridden, Teased And PunishedI knew that the lecherous pervert bookkeeper who works for my husband was going to be calling around to drop off some files and I also knew that he was bound to be desperate to take the opportunity to make a nuisance of himself to all of the ladies here so I arranged a rather cruel little surprise for himÅ I invited my very special friend Cate Harrington down her to ride out and when I suggested to her that it would be rather amusing to put the useless pervert to use properly she was VERY excited by the idea! Two VERY cruel and demanding ladies and one rather useless pervert employee of my husbands who really had no option than to do EVERYTHING that we demanded of himÅ And we REALLY enjoyed ourselves with him before sending him back to my husbandÒs office for the meeting that afternoon!
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